I just want to write
Not for anyone,
Not for anything.
I just want to write
For me? I guess so.
I just want to write
I don’t care if it takes millions of paper,
Or a river of ink.
I just want to write
It won’t take the pain away,
But it will help anyway.
I just want to write
No matter how pointless it’ll become,
Though my words don’t rhyme anymore,
No matter how dull my works are.
I just want to write
Without eyes to see,
Without hearts to feel,
Without hands to clap,
Without mouths to complain, to judge
Or to praise.
I just want to write…
For myself.
Just for myself.
To make myself feel special
Even just for this once.



They say the whole world is round shape.

But why do others say there are corners of the world?

Like me, it’s in a corner.

You’re the one.

Our corners are far away, but how do we meet?

Do you?

How do you do it?

Or in sin?

We meet.

Our eyes meet together,

as well as our hearts?

Met. Became friends.

I feel you’re deep down.

The corners of our distance are close.

The gap gradually shrinks.

We are happy with each other.

No problem thinking.

The whole world has become a heart shape.

Every corner is filled with love.

I thought it was not going to end.

Our happiness.

I’m mistaken.

Because in one corner you met.

You have got it and I have left you.

Maybe you’ve been with me already.

So you decided to leave it.

One left.

Your interval is too far away.

In a corner where we met

there is also the event that I do not want to happen.

In the round shape of the world, I was there

in a corner

to each other.

Waiting for you to come back with me, I love you.